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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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amer >> moments away, paying tribute to the godmother of the civil- rights movement. we will show you how she's being remembered during three days of celebration. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> goods thursday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. great to have you joining us on this thursday. let's begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we will go to lisa baden, but first to brian van de graaff. another cold start. >> temperatures this morning are in the 30's again. 32 in stafford, 34 in bristow. there's a frost advisory, fairfax, montgomery, and points west word all the way through 9:00 this morning.
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we did points west towaward. low 80s tomorrow. maybe 90 degrees on the weekend. >> around the beltway near 66 tthey have moved all construction from the roadway. let's show you the volume of traffic on the beltway at university. moving at speed right now. no issues to report up to the beltway on 95 virginia. if headlights are northbound. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. this morning the nation will join the washington community to say goodbye to dorothy height. across the country if flags are flying at half staff. the president will pay tribute by delivering a eulogy. the funeral is ending three days of celebration focus on her life
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and its lasting impact. jennifer is joining us from the national cathedral with more. good morning. >> good morning. as the nation and the city prepared to bid a final farewell to a woman dedicated to civil rights, security is expected around the national cathedral. there have been several memorials leading up to this morning's funeral, including last night's celebration of life at shiloh baptist church. more than 1300 gathered in honor of dr. dorothy height. >> ♪ >> known as the godmother of the civil-rights movement, dr. dorothy height. >> [unintelligible] >> from past presidents to everyday citizens, thousands across the city paid their respects and lined up the
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national council of negro women on pennsylvania avenue. >> i knew that she helped african american people. >> there has not been a woman like her in 100 years. she's been at the forefront of the civil-rights movement. >> the women of delta sigma theta sorority bid farewell to dorothy height, will serve as president of reorganization from the mid-40s to the mid-50s. >> this is history and we had to come down to be a part of it. conservatism of equality for all, her place in history is cemented. a who's who of politics and civil rights will honor her, president obama's set to deliver the eulogy as part of a final goodbye. >> ♪ >> last night eleanor holmes norton said of dr. dorothy height that she will be remembered as a woman of grace,
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elegance, and modesty. if the funeral begins at 10:00 this morning at the national cathedral. expect tight security with the the president's arrival and road closures. jennifer donovan, live from northwest. >> be sure to stay with abc 7 for complete coverage of all of final tributes to dr. dorothy height throughout the day. >> in the gulf of mexico and new leake has been found at the site werth oil rig exploded and sank last week. if this is raising fears of an economic and ecological disaster. the coast guard said 42,000 gallons is leaking from the site every day. they are trying to see if they can stem the flow of fuel creeping toward the land. the leading edge of that is less than 20 miles from the louisiana coast. >> investigators are trying to piece together a shooting that happened near the border between d.c. and prince george's county that happened late last night
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near branch ave. details are still scarce, but a man was shot and taken to hospital. an attorney for the accused for good gunman said that he expects military prosecutors to seek the death penalty. major nidal hasan faces murder and attempted murder charges in connection with the mass shooting last november. military prosecutors have not officially said what punishment they plan to seek. >> the fbi is investigating an incident that caused a dollars- bound flight to be diverted. a continental flight from houston was diverted to greensboro, north carolina yesterday. somebody wrote the words bomb on a bathroom mirror. the plane landed and emergency crews were waiting. >> it was kind of scary. we asked what was going on. >> it was written in the bathroom. with the fbi questioned all 45 passengers but did not determine
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who the message. a search turned up no explosives. if the plane took off again six hours after landing in north carolina. >> if the senate is set to begin debate on a financial reform bill. republicans dropped their objections to a democratic efforts to begin debate on a sweeping overhaul of financial regulation. after talks on a bipartisan bill failed. the gop says it will attempt to change the bill on the senate floor. if president obama is pleased by the decision. >> d.c.'s chief financial officer has rejected a plan to fund a portion of the teachers' pay raises would private foundation money. the washington post has reported the conditions attached to the donations are not acceptable. the donors receive the right to withdraw the money if michelle rhee does not continue as chancellor. >> still ahead, on this thursday, an end to being stranded by your airline.
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>> the capitals dropped game 7 after all the excitement. tim brant has highlights and excitement from the locker room. but the latest push to hang up and drive. we will tell you how to get
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> 5:00 in on this thursday morning. welcome back. adam caskey. we have a frost advisory in effect again this morning. it does include fairfax county and montgomery and points west. typically when we have a frost advisory, we first start to see it on elevated services that have been sitting out overnight, but nothing yet. it's 43 degrees in merrifield. it's cooler elsewhere. look at these temperatures. we are starting the morning in the 30's again. fort meade is that the freezing point. stafford, 34. 35 in sutterville. what can we expect? orman than yesterday. near 70 degrees for the high
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temperature this afternoon with a lot of sunshine, not as windy as yesterday. >> not as complicated as morning on the road at the beltway and 66 where they have been doing overnight construction and detours, but nothing right now to worry about in that area. let's go to maryland drivers southbound 270 out of frederik, trappe the closest u.s. is moving nicely. light in volume heading to germantown. let's take you across the potomac river on the 14th street bridge, that looks good. on 7100 northbound near braddock road, there's a crash. traffic is getting by. allow yourself a couple extra minutes. fest fairfax county parkway at braddock road. back to you. >> thank you. the the promise of transportation wants to make sure teenagers know the danger of distracted driving. secretary ray lahood will hold a special news conference today to
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push the safe driving ahead of prom season. don't forget, at abc 7 we are taking part in oprah winfrey's national "no phone zone" day. -year-old in a rally at the newseum on friday. if if you want a list of activities, log on to and type in the word rally and don't miss a special edition of oprah on friday at 4:00 p.m.. >> it's 5:12 on this thursday, 46 degrees in roslyn. >> new privacy rules on facebook getting a lot of attention. we will tell you how to make sure that your page stays slaves. >> time on the tarmac. brianne carter live at reagan national. brianne carter live at reagan national.
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>> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington.
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with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> in our top stories, civil rights leader dorothy height will be laid to rest later today after a funeral at washington national cathedral. last night to hundreds gathered at a northwest d.c. church for celebration of her life. family, friends, and dignitaries shared stories, videos, and photographs of dorothy height, who died at the age of 98. the coast guard's of an oil leak has been found. 42,000 gallons of oil leaking every day. the leading edge of the oil slick is 20 miles from the louisiana coast. the first lawsuit against arizona's tough new immigration law is expected to be filed today. the national coalition of latino clergy and christian leaders filing the suit in phoenix. the obama administration may
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also challenged the law. >> new rules in effect at the nation's airports starting today. airlines have to let stranded passengers off the plane if they have been delayed on the tarmac three hours. if not, they will pay a price. brianne carter is at reagan national with passenger reaction. >> good morning. you have all heard the stories of being stuck on a plane out on the tarmac due to the bad weather or congestion. there are rules to change that. there's a three-hour time limit now so passengers will not be able to -- not be kept longer on the airplane. they must get food and water after two hours and must have access to a bathroom. >> i think it's a good idea,
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because it's better than staying in the airplane on the tarmac for a long time. i agree 3 always ought to be the limit. >> i think it would be much more frustrating to have a flight canceled and then have to find another alternate route. >> there's one stipulation to the rule. if the captain of the planes as its own slate to do this, to return back to the terminal or if it would interfere with airline operations. -- if it would be unsafwe to do this. >> i have nothing unsafety reports as far as beltway travel. 95, 66, looks good on 395, a quiet on the dulles greenway. this wreck will be out by the time we get there. southbound 270 is still
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behaving coming out of frederik into montgomery. at university blvd., that looks good. now to brian van de graaff. >> good morning. we have cool temperatures out there. upper 30's in walkersville. 35 in warrington. there could be patched frost in some places this morning. that is why we have a frost advisory. it's where it was yesterday morning. it includes fairfax and prince william today. as wellsaax as montgomery, fauq, and in to the westward mountains. it will be a brisk start. one air will be moving in by this afternoon with temperatures in the '70s. it will feel a lot nicer this afternoon. tomorrow we will reach the '80 's and 90 degrees almost all the weekend. by the weekend you will be using the air conditioner.
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sonny today with wind out of the west at 5-15. mostly clear tonight, 35-52 degrees. not as much of agilent air. if tomorrow is the big warmup. to low 80's tomorrow. upper 80's by saturday with an óisolated up a storm. near 90 degrees on sunday with scattered afternoon storms. affront next week with highs in the '70s. a brisk start. back to you. >> thank you. ways to protect your privacy from facebook's out. also, could the ipad cause insomnia? vinita nair has those stories and more. >> in "tech bytes" hewlett- packard bredes new life into palm. its purchasing the filmmaker for $1.2 billion. the world's largest computer maker hopes to become a major player if in the telephone business. it will sell phones and tablet computers that run on palm outward.
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50,000 web sites have added some new features that have created a political backlash. four senators asking companies to make it easier for members to protect their privacy on facebook. now this explanation. but you want to look at applications and web sites, which have been updated since the new launch of facebook last week. there's an instant personalization program button. if you press the edit setting, it will take you to a page where it's as whether you want to allow partners to access your personal information. and that's that. >> the government is looking into the way facebook collects data about their users. could the ipad keep you awake at night. it could give you insomnia. any type of artificial light inhibits the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps
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you get to sleep. readers hold it so close to the face. that could mean the device affects the body more than a television across the room. finally, boy scouts are now getting a merit badge in video games. they can complete a task like learning to play a new video game approved by parents, learning about the video game rating system, and installing a council. scouts would create a schedule that includes gaming commodores, and all work, and be prepared to stick to it. -- -- that includes installigaming, chores, and hom. >> the 2010 capitals playoff, how did it end so fast? tambrands has that coming up. >> today on "the oprah show",
5:22 am
the first television interview with rielle hunter, the mistress of former presidential candidate john edwards, at 4:00 and abc 7.
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>> welcome back. it's 5:24 on this thursday morning. looking at the streets of roslyn, where it remains very cold this morning. finally little warm-up is beginning to occur.
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keep it here for traffic and weather. first, the morning sports report with tim brant. the worst loss in the history of this franchise, losing to montreal two-one. even though the capitals had the best regular-season record in hockey. this is all on washington. the coaching will be questioned. ovechkin's big game ability will be questioned. hockey fans are stunned. it was one-zero in the third. this game was tied at one. hold on. they called interference. against the goalie. it was still 1-0 at a half. mike green is knocked off. domenick scoops it up. this series could have never gotten this far. >> just losing. i don't know what to say. >> everybody is still stunned.
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have a great day, everybody. >> that their season down the tubes. 5:26. 46 degrees in roslyn. the news continues with good morning washington at 5:30. >> a local murder trial could hinge on a voice mail from a dying woman. we will have the latest from inside the courtroom in the next half-hour. >> good morning, i am courtney robinson in a satellite center with gallons of oil spilling into the gulf, authorities scrambling to save marine life. more coming up. >> we are live in the weather center. a frost advisory is up. but major warming trend is in store. those details
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> she is a trailblazer. we wanted to show our respect. texted, a final farewell to the woman who helped guide the civil rights movement. a live report in a few minutes. good morning, washington. welcome back on this april 29. i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. we will go to the national cathedral in a moment. first check on the weather and traffic. some pleasant changes on the way even though we have a chilly start. >> we have a morning frost. we will get over 60 degrees. highs and lows 70's today. low 80s tomorrow. 90 degrees on a weekend. it happens during springtime. temperatures, 30's showing up. we hope you protected your
5:30 am
tender visitation. 35 this morning in centreville, 40 degrees in frederick, 38 in waldorf. lots of sunshine expected, low 70's, a breeze out of the west. what is happening out there, lisa baden? >> connecticut ave southbound at randolph road, somebody rolled over aapparently. a lot of emergency equipment is there. 95 in baltimore washington parkway between washington and baltimore, everything runs smoothly right now. no complications out of southern maryland. route 4, route 5, heading into southeast d.c., the drive in virginia, status quo. 95 as volume going to the beltway. that would be the headlights. now to the news desk. the nation says goodbye to dr. dorothy height. of you'll get sober way in just hours at the national cathedral.
5:31 am
jennifer is standing by. it's a who's who of dignitaries showing up for this event. >> it promises to be an unforgettable service. as you mentioned, they are expecting a mosul of politics and civil-rights at the national cathedral this morning -- expecting a whose h's who. >> she will be brought to the national cathedral of around 8:30. there are already three dozen people in line, just general people and the public in line hoping to get first-come first- served tickets to attend the funeral. it's at 10:00. it will be the final of several memorials that we've seen over the past days in honor of dr. dorothy height, including last night's celebration of life at shiloh baptist church where former president bill clinton said dr. dorothy height was a woman ahead of her time. now about this morning's
5:32 am
funeral, president obama will deliver the eulogy for. invited guests and 700 general public attendees will go through very strong security. the wife of bill cosby, dr. camille cosby will be speaking. dr. my aunt's alou, the poet and civil rights activist, will participate. -- maya angelou. famous gospel singers and a quieter. it will be an unforgettable and uplifting reflection of a live dedicated to justice and equality for all. -- famous gospel singers and a choir. >> president clinton spoke last night at an event in northwest celebrating her life. he warmly recalled his last meeting with her. >> [laughter] >> she was wearing a beautiful hat. [unintelligible]
5:33 am
[laughter] >> last night distribute feature stories, videos, and photographs. we will check back with jennifer in our next half-hour. stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage from the national cathedral all morning. >> we moved to other news this morning. a major environmental disaster is looming along the gulf coast. the coast guard has found a new oil leak where the oil rig sank last week. now five times as much crude oil could be pumping into the water. courtney robinson is live in our satellite center with latest details. >> good morning. that's right, 5,000 barrels of oil a day are leaking into the gulf, threatening marine life and tidal wetlands. officials are trying a new tactic to control the oil and hopefully the minister damage. it started like this, an oil platform explosion in the gulf of mexico, sending a ball of flames in there and leaking tons of oil.
5:34 am
now there's more fire on the gulf. this time it's intentional. >> we are doing everything we can to contain its offshore. >> british petroleum sent robots to try to contain the spill, but their efforts were not successful. now they have set up a 500 ft boom surrounding the biggest area and setting it on fire to slow the leak, a method that has shown success in the past. but the byrne also sends up a toxic cloud of smoke. for those depending on the gulf for a living, it's the lesser of two evils. >> order and crab fisherman depending on the water. -- oyster. >> this bill is roughly 100 miles and is close to the louisiana coast. officials expect a thin layer of oil to hit louisiana by tomorrow. other areas will see it by the weekend. courtney robinson reporting. >> thank you.
5:35 am
investigators are trying to piece together a shooting that took place at the border between d.c. and prince george's county late last night in southern avenue -- near seventh avenue and branch avenue. a man was shot and was taken to the hospital. >> the prince george's county jury is expected to hear a chilling voice mail made by a woman as she was being killed. prosecutors say 45-year-old wilkerson made the recording as she was being murdered by 33- arrowed aris lance briggs last july. he pleaded not guilty. -- aasroron spriggs. prosecutors played the voicemail saying "i don't want to die, aaron." and then the voice ofd a man voiceie." >-- saying "die."
5:36 am
>> mr. obama's says the solutions to wall street need to have a broad support of the american people. the president's part of monday's immigration protest -- person who sparked monday's immigration protest is under investigation. the secure communities program allows jails to compare fingerprints of people arrested. prince george's county is among those participating in the program. >> the pope could be on the verge of an historic apology. >> an elderly man who fought off a pair of armed robbers is speaking out. we will hear his story. >> its i've got 36, 46 degrees. ba
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>> i'm jackie at the reptile discover center at the nationals. i have a no. snake. we want you to come and see it. good morning, washington. >> i don't think that looks friendly. >> it's tough in the morning. >> 5:39 is the time on this
5:40 am
thursday. let's check traffic and weather. >> adam caskey is standing by in the merrifield area. >> i planted flowers october 6, pansies, still thriving. we do have lost advisory -- frost advisory for fairfax, prince william, montgomery, points west. the first get on the tops of cars normally. elevated surfaces. only some dew on the top of this card is morning. all the county's shaded in blue are included with the frost advisory until 9:00. i would not be surprised if that is pulled shortly after 6:00 when the sun is up. it is 37 degrees in frederick. 34 degrees in manassas.
5:41 am
sunshine is on the way. near 70 degrees this afternoon. not as windy. it's a good weekend for boating, near 90. >> ok, i think we will drop her in the water this weekend. on the inner loop at college park near route 1, there is a wreck. that means traffic coming off southbound 95 as well as out of silver spring getting into college park. it's in the center of the roadway. let's take you to montgomery county to look at connecticut avenue, a crash at randolph road, a lot of equipment on the scene. somebody rolled over. if traffic is getting by. let's go to virginia, 395 traffic moving nicely through land park. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41 is the time on this thursday, 36 degrees. greg still ahead, sandra bullock's new baby and a political mystery opens up.
5:42 am
>> and are breaking even last night at the verizon center. >> i shot him. >> the shop owner says how he
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>> coming up at 5:00, texting and talking behind the wheel. tonight i will show you a distracted driving to as i did and what my experience shows about multitasking behind the wheel. our exclusive abc 7 driving test and our challenge to you tonight at 5:00. >> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> it is 5:45. civil rights activist dorothy height will be laid to rest later today. a funeral will be held this
5:46 am
morning at the national cathedral. last night family and friends, dignitaries shared stories, videos, and photographs of dr. hite during the celebration of life and look was d.c. church. she died last week at the age of 98. the coast guard says an oil leak has been found at the site brunn oil rig exploded last week and sank. 42,000 gallons of oil is leaking everyday. the leading edge of the oil slick is less than 20 miles from the louisiana coast. they're burning some of it to see if they can stem the flow of fuel creeping toward land. there are reports pope benedict apologize for the church is handling of the sexual abuse scandal. at a meeting of the world's clergy coming up in june. h has thee expressed his sorrow for the abuse and promises to protect children agand to bring pedophile priests to justice. >> yesterday we told you about a kensington man who fought off
5:47 am
two teams in his store. now this incredible story of a 77-year-old man. >> when i grabbed my gun, he went over there and i shot him from here. >> 77-year-old sandro vendemmia was not going to get rob without a fight. the italian immigrant and longtime jurist or owner has stitches and a bandaged finger. one of the men pretended to look at watches and the other drew a gun. >> i pushed him off and got my gun. at least one of his shots hit the robert. struggle ensued. then both suspects fled into a red toyota camry. -- one of his shots hit the robber. >> i have always been a fighter.
5:48 am
i don't give up easy. >> he has already had two strokes and heart attack and these closing up shop for good. he says this is it. >> in downtown washington, terrifying moments caught on tape. a massive event broke off from an office building and spread to the ground and then landed on several parked cars in an alley behind connecticut avenue near n st.. a witness reported the incident with a video camera. no one was injured. authorities do not appear to be in a hurry to prosecuted nearly 30 university of maryland students arrested during a post basketball game riot last month. prince george's county police have not released the names of those arrested. their lawyers said police knew their names -- gave their names to the university and other
5:49 am
citations do not exist in the court system records. several police officers are under investigation for being a student during the riots. >> we have disappointing news from the national zoo. a female giant panda is not pregnant after all. she was artificially inseminated in january and appeared to be pregnant. a final ultrasound and tom on analysis confirmed the panda bear was instead experiencing a pseudopregnancy. this may have been the last chance for the zoo because the 10-year loan expires for them at the end of the year and they could be returned to china. >> routine disappointments. with letting us down today. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey has the latest on this chilly weather. no gloves at least this morning. >> not right now. i was starting to get into a good mood this morning until you remind me of the capitals game
5:50 am
and the previous games as well. let's talk about the weather. there's a frustrating tone in my weather. i was up late last night hoping for the capitals. normally when we have frosty morning, we have a frost advisory, by the way. normally when we have that we'd see it on the vehicles, but we're not seeing that in merrifield. i would not be surprised if you see that in your driveway on your car or on the grassy surfaces. it's relatively warm in merrifield compared with many locations. 44 degrees. let's first look at this school shot of the moon setting early this morning. we will put that in a time lapse at the 6:00 hour. it's 35 degrees in stephen citic. falls church checking in at 44 degrees. 42 in silver spring.
5:51 am
that's it for the chilly weather. it's going to be sunny this afternoon at 70. back to you. >> thank you. i was wondering if you have a monitor? someone was sneaking around in the truck yesterday. >> is that how this ended up in the truck? >> what is bad? >> a number for diaper with elmo . h e i00 he-- he is a no. 5. he was trying to march his turf. -- mark his turf. we have a cold start this morning. milder air will prevail this afternoon. we will be in the '70s today,
5:52 am
80's tomorrow. 90 on the weekend with scattered thunderstorms sunday afternoon and may be an isolated one on saturday. >> i was just laughing at you guys. tony is a no. 5. they started early, don't they? we had a crash on connecticut avenue at randolph road. traffic is able to get through, but it's causing a backup. 270 southbound at 370, late clearing road work is in the right lane. starting to cause a delay. it will be another 30 minutes. let's go to virginia where everything is status quo with traffic increasing and washington boulevards, the exit for the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. did you hear about sandra bullock yesterday? >> that she is adopting a child? >> yes. she's divorcing her husband and she and welcoming a new little guy into her life. the 45 disch. -- a 45-year-old actress is
5:53 am
adopting a baby boy as a single mother. if she filed for divorce from jesse james' last friday. the divorce announcement was not a surprise after his affairs went public. she tells people magazine she started the adoption process four years ago. a beautiful picture. >> a great picture. a stressful time in their lives to be taking a new one into the family. i hope it works out great. >> it started prior to the affairs. >> she says she's going to let the baby be part of her ex- husband life. that is a nice gesture. john edwards'' mr. american samoa will tell all today on oprah. >-- mistress. >> everyone told me not to do the interview. question encouraged your husband to give the abc interview where he admitted to an affair. if even though she did not know the full extent of the
5:54 am
relationship until after it came out. this is the first interview of rielle hunter your since the affair went public. ->> 5:54 is the time. 46 degrees. >> we [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. it has what other fertilizers don't. scotts patented all in one granule. every key nutrient combined into a single particle so every part of your lawn gets more even feeding. bargain brands have separate nutrients on separate particles, so feeding can be hit or miss. and a lot of what they give you isn't even food, it's filler.
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>> no doubt you are aware that the capitals fantastic season
5:57 am
came to a screeching halt in last night's elimination match with montreal. >> for as devastated as the players are, the fans are just as upset. adam caskey could barely get through his weather forecast. the verizon center sold out every game this season. they showed up in full force yesterday. they expected something much different than a two-one loss. >> we lost being the best team in the nhl. >> the most powerful team in the leak. they cannot produce. >> it was a great season and we should be happy. >> they did in the president's trophy for being the best team during the regular season. that is not much comfort for fans expecting the stanley cup instead. >> from the heights of euphoria to the depths of despair. >> that was a bummer. 5:57 of the time. a lot more ahead in the next
5:58 am
hour. >> coming up, new rules to protect stranded passengers. you're alive and reagan national with details. >> i'm outside the national cathedral, where there is already in line of people wanting to celebrate the life of dr. dorothy height. details on the
5:59 am
>> coming